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$80.2 Billion is spent on Online Advertising in 2011. More than 50% of that is spent on Digital Media Production & Marketing and is yours for the taking!

source here: eMarketer Digital Intelligence

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       Profit LaunchPad 

Profit LaunchPad is the Ultimate Business In a Box. There has never been a more complete turnkey Digital Media Services Business. 

Profit from the ever increasing demand for Website Design, Graphic Design, Video Production, Mobile Marketing, Copywriting, Product Creation, Social Media Marketing, and SEO Services now! 

Don't sit on the sidelines and watch others make money. Stop wondering when it's going to be your turn. Grab the bull by the horns and build your own business today!

I'm sure you've heard lots of success stories about making money offline with consulting or selling SEO services. The stories are true, Offline Consulting is one of the easiest and fastest ways to generate income because of the premium pricing Online Marketing commands. If you've tried selling any of the services mentioned above to offline business clients, I'm sure you know what I mean. The market is HUGE and the prices are awesome. Can you imagine a business where you earn 200% to 1000% profit margins and you don't even need any money for start up capital? 

If you've ever wanted to start your own Offline Consultancy or Digital Media Agency, now's the perfect time because you're about to get the deal of the year! 

We've put together an incredible end-to-end Turnkey Offline Consultancy Business in a Box. 

Based on our own experiences and success as Marketing Consultants, we took all the best elements of our businesses and created the perfect solution for anyone who wants to get started with their own Offline Consultancy. It's also perfect for Offline Consultants who are already making money but want to step their business and professional image up a notch. This package includes everything you need, from building a website to closing a deal with clients, and everything in between. We even provide the most powerful sales strategies that will get you your first client within days! 

We leave nothing out, just follow the Quick Start Guide to set up your business site, take a few hours to understand the services that your business offers (if you don't know them already) and start using our sales strategies to attract clients right away. Nothing complicated, we designed the system to be as simple as possible. 

This is a shortcut to owning a Five Figure Business! All you have to do is download, install and implement the steps outlined in the Quick Start Guide.

Learn From Our Mistakes - Don't make the same mistakes we did, we show you how to avoid the pitfalls and problems of Offline Consulting.

 Build on Our Success - We spent months experimenting with different sales strategies, pricing points and packages to finally discover the perfect formula to competitive pricing and happy clients.

Ninja Sales Strategies - Blow away your competition and have their clients willingly come to you with our stealthy ninja sales strategies. These deadly effective sales strategies require zero maintenance and perpetually grows your sales. 

Shortcut To Success - With this business in a box, you can get your own Digital Media Agency or Offline Consultancy up and running in less than 24 hours! By this time tomorrow, you'll have a full fledged business and a menu of high quality services you can resell immediately. Leave your competition behind!

       Unbelievable Versatility

The components of this Business in a Box are so dynamic and versatile that you can build at least 5 different businesses, firms or consultancies from them!

Here are some examples:

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Professional Graphic Design Firm

Video Production Studio

Reputation Management Consultancy

Advertising Agency

Publishing Company

Product Creation Company

Online Marketing Agency

You're only limited by your ambitions! Start your own business today!



1 - Turnkey Digital Media Agency Website

The most important part of a successful Digital Media Agency or Offline Marketing Consultancy is having a professional website that impresses your clients. 

Building your own site will take weeks and can cost you thousands of dollars. Save your time & money!

Establish an online presence immediately with your Professionally Designed Turnkey Digital Media Agency Website!

Screenshot Site Fully Loaded with High Converting Writeups & Images for 10 different services. Written by our top professional copywriter.

1 Developer's License for the eMedia Business Site Wordpress Theme     ($19.90 RRP)

Easy Install Process - WP Export File & Step by Step Installation Instructions Included. (Videos + PDF)

  Fully Customize-able - Logo Template (PSD) & Service        Writeup Documents (ODT) included so you can personalize your website perfectly.

Valued at $297!

2 - Complete Marketing Toolkit

Get a headstart over your competitors, and impress clients with your Complete Marketing Toolkit. Everything you need to attract clients and close deals inside. This Tool Kit includes Legal Documents and Sales Tools like: Powerpoint Presentations, Project Proposal Templates, Service Agreement Templates, 6/12 Month Maintenance Contracts, Sales Emails & More!

2 Impressive Powerpoint Presentations

2 Professional Project Proposals

3 Service Agreement & Monthly Maintenance Contract Templates for Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management & SEO Services. Protect yourself & your clients!

1 Client Invoice Template

2 Ninja Sales Emails - Use these with our Ninja Sales Strategies and set your sales efforts on Autopilot!

1 Sales Agreement Template to protect you and your agents.

*Disclaimer: These documents are sample templtes and not legal binding documents. Even though they are professionally written, please consult with a legal professional to suit them to your local laws and business needs to avoid any indiscrepancies and redundancies.

Valued at $297!

3 - Professional Business Card Templates

First impressions matter, astonish your clients with your choice of 4 eye-catching professional business cards created by our talented designers. Pick a design, print them and you're in business!

1 Set of Matching Business Cards that complement your Digital Media Agency Website perfectly. 

1 Set of Business Cards based on a Minimalist Concept.

1 Set of Business Cards based on a Modern Concept.

1 Set of Business Cards based on a Contemporary Concept

Valued at $97!

4 - Business Model Analysis & Sales Strategies

Copy and Succeed with our Fast Start Guide! Get an inside look into the business model we use to build five figure Digital Media Agencies that run on near auto pilot. Copy the exact system and sales strategies that 12 of us use to earn $900 to $4,300 a week in our testing challenge. Duplicate this same system to run your business with less than 3 hours of work a day and start collecting $500 cheques today.

Screenshot Site 23 Page Fast Start Guide & Sales Strategy Ebook - The fastest way to business and tricks of the trade!

 2 Case Studies of participants in the test group - We reveal the niches they sold to, how they sold them, what they sold and even how to overcome the problems they did. Complete with profit margin analysis.

6 of Proven Lead Generation Methods - We tested dozens of methods to find the most effective ones. The best part? 
None of these methods involve cold calling and they're free!

Valued at $37!

5 - Advanced Techniques Report

Ready to scale up and start banking five figure cheques? Jump into the fastlane and turbocharge your business growth with our secret strategy to stealthily build a Ninja Sales Army... Your competitors won't even know what hit them? Use this deadly effective strategy to steal clients from under your competitors' noses legally. Create win/win situations with everyone you meet and build strong alliances that will increase your sales by leaps and bounds.

Screenshot Site 8 Pages of Absolute Killer Content - No fluff, straight to the point info you can implement right away.

Get the best in the business to sell your services for you and only pay them on performance! Identify, attract and recruit only the top salespeople in any niche who will willingly work for you for free!

Build strong relationships with the movers and shakers of any niche! - Leverage on their connections to make sure you get paid on time, everytime!

Valued at $27!

6 - Complete Menu Of Services & Profit Analysis

A complete Menu of Services categorized into 10 different specialized services and 40+ subservices. These are instant money makers! We show you what to sell, how much you can sell them for (market tested prices) and who you should outsource the work to!

We even provide profit margins for every single service so you can customize them to suit your area's market. You can focus on individual categories or package these services, sell them anyway you like! 

Screenshot Site Market Tested Price Chart - We analyzed our competitors' pricing and done pricing research for you. Follow this price chart to offer the best deals to your clients!

 List of Recommended Suppliers - Every service listed comes with recommended suppliers we use ourselves. This is the kind of information that NO ONE SHARES! Get the best providers on WF, Fiverr and the Web for every category. This list is pure gold!

200% to 1000% Profit Margins - Resell the services of these suppliers instantly for fast and easy cash! Your clients will love you because even at 200% profits, your services are still cheaper than your offline competitors!

Valued at $19.90!

7 - Outsourcing Dream Team Review List

You get access to our very own Dream Team of Freelancers, and Service Providers who have quietly made us over $70,000 in the last 2 months. You'll never have to do any REAL work yourself, because these guys are professionals, responsible & reliable. This list was our closest guarded secret and we're now sharing it only with buyers of this package.

Screenshot Site Good & Cheap? 18 of the very best Designers, Traffic Experts, SEO Specialists, Web Developers, Writers, Product Creation Specialists and Copywriters who work for a quarter of what they're actually worth! Profit from their crazy competitive prices!

 We interviewed, reviewed and tested their services so you don't have to! Save time and money looking for the right freelancers to outsource work to. "Steal" our team of superstars!

Use them for your own benefit! - Don't just resell their services, call on them in your hour of need if you need work done on your website or help with product creation. These guys are great and they're cheap too! It took us over 3 months of constant testing, hiring and firing to put this team together! Imagine how much money we spent to put this list together?

Valued at $19!

8 - Lead Generation Tools - High Quality Books & Reports 

We've included 10 High Quality Premium Books and Video Courses for you to give away to your clients. These are excellent lead generation tools that build authority instantly. Brand them with your company name to get the most mileage out of them!

Screenshot Site 2 Video Courses - Facebook Marketing & Web Branding

8 Ebooks & Reports - These ebooks and reports cover subjects like online marketing, branding, social marketing, mobile marketing and even business planning. After reading them, your clients will see you as the ultimate authority instantly!

PLR & MRR Rights Included! - These premium products come with a variety of PLR/MRR rights so you can easily edit them, rebrand them and even resell them. Most of them even come with source files like PSDs and Docs to make editing them even easier!

Valued at $117!

9 - HD High Impact Video Advertisements 

Impress your clients with your professionally created Video Marketing Advertisements. Included with this business in a box are 3 HD High Impact Video Advertisements that you have full PLR rights to! Use them any way you like, upload them to Youtube, your Business site, or even email them to your clients!

Screenshot Site 1 Video Ad On Video Marketing (35 seconds)

 1 Video Ad on Graphic Design & Web Design      (1 minute 7 seconds)

1 Video Ad for SEO Services (35 seconds)

Valued at $67!

10 - Bonus Mobile Marketing Module!

Just added! Mobile Marketing Services - Add Mobile Marketing Services to your impressive reppertoire of premium services! With over 5.3 Billion Cellphone users worldwide, your clients can no longer ignore the power of Mobile Marketing. Sell them Mobile Websites, SMS Services & even QR Codes with this Mobile Marketing Module.

Plugs in perfectly with the Profit LaunchPAD Business In a Box!

Screenshot Site 1 Professionally Written Writeup & Images - Plugin to your website & profit instantly.

 1 List of Mobile Marketing Services to sell and the best & cheapest suppliers available.

Pricing & Profit Margins Guide Included

2 Brand-able Reports to generate leads

1 Mobile Marketing  Squeeze Page to capture leads

1 Mobile Marketing Guide to SMS Marketing

Brand New Power QR Code Generator - Not another boring generator, this advanced app generates the QR Codes for:

  • Web Addresses
  • Email Addresses
  • SMS Messages
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Contact Information (ME Card Format)
  • Geographic Location
  • Android Marketplace
  • Wifi Configuration Codes (Android)

(Video Instructions included)

Valued at $19.90!

Plus You Get These Bonuses!

20 Wordpress Themes!

You get 20 previously unreleased Wordpress Themes that you can use for your client's websites or your own!

  Beautiful designs

 Easy to use theme options

 Highly customizeable

 Highly versatile, use them for niche blogs, business blogs, personal blogs, etc.

Valued at $197!


3 Surpise Bonuses!

For a limited time, we're giving you three extra secret bonuses that will triple your investment right away!

  Awesome Bonuses!

 They are sold separately for $19.90 each!

 Set them up for Instant ROI!

Valued at $59!


Total Value = $1,233.90!

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Profit Launchpad

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The truth is, this may be the first time you've heard my name or seen any of my products, so I really want to give so much value that you can't wait to check out my other products. As a matter of fact most of my customers have purchased 5-10 of my products. This is the best way I know of to have lifetime customers. 

We truly care about your success and want to give you all the tools you need to start your own Digital Media Agency or Marketing Consultancy. This is why we put this business in a box together, to save you time and money and get you off to a flying start right away!

This special price is only available for a very limited time and we reserve the right to remove this discount anytime.

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The Complete Business In A Box

The Fast Start Guide

The Super Star Outsourcers List

The Bonus 20 Wordpress Themes

The Surprise Bonus (valued at $59)

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Profit Launchpad

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Steven Ashworth & William Wong 

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